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Draft Framework Agreement Of PP-LC Development To Be Finalised Soon

Thong Sotha​​   On December 22, 2020 - 1:46 pm​   In Cambodia Insider  

The draft Framework Agreement between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) and YCH Group for the Phnom Penh Logistics Centre (PP-LC) development is going to be finalised soon and be signed as planned, according to a news release of MPWT.

On Monday, MPWT held a virtual meeting with Mr. Alex Sandford, international legal advisor, under the chairmanship of H.E. Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister and Minister of MPWT to review the Framework Agreement’s final draft.

H.E. Sun Chanthol considered the PP-LC as a potential centre to promote the transport sector’s efficiency and competitiveness with countries in the region and the globe, especially in terms of costs and services.

PP-LC will also become a driving force to boost the national economic growth so as to achieve the Royal Government’s vision of developing the country into an upper middle-income economy by 2030 and a high income nation by 2050, underlined H.E. Senior Minister.