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Pol Pot regime a brutal and unforgettable legacy

Thong Sotha​​   On May 21, 2021 - 10:58 am​   In Cambodia Insider  
Pol Pot regime a brutal and unforgettable legacy Pol Pot regime a brutal and unforgettable legacy

Forty-six years may have passed since the Pol Pot regime, but Cambodians still grapple with the brutal legacy where an estimated 1.7 million of them died due to various problems such as famine, executions and traumatic events.

Yesterday, the Cambodians were reminded of the Pol Pot regime from April 17, 1975 to January 6, 1979 via the National Day of Remembrance which was established by Prime Minister Hun Sen in Sub-Decree No 19 in commemoration of the millions of people who died in the brutal four-year rule of the Khmer Rouge.

The National Day of Remembrance is to remind people of how it was under the Pol Pot regime and the need to prevent such regimes from happening again.

It is also a day to pay tribute to the victims and restore their honour and dignity, irrespective of whether they are alive or dead.

Mr Hun Sen wrote on his official Facebook account yesterday: “May 20th is National Day of Remembrance. Today Cambodians will never forget the Pol Pot Regime or the so-called Pol Pot genocidal regime (Cruel and Dark Regime from April 17, 1975 – January 6, 1979). Today is a commemoration for the souls of more than three million victims who died during the genocidal regime of Pol Pot.”

“Cambodians are aware and understand the tragic stories through the experiences of war, tears, massacres, vandalism, eviction from homes and being forced to work like animals,” he said

He added that Cambodians even died without medicine, food, freedom, democracy and a basic right to live.

“In order not to let such a regime return, we must join together and maintain peace and harmony to build a family, community, society and nation,” said Mr Hun Sen.

The youngest son of the Prime Minister, Hun Many, said: “On the National Day of Remembrance, I would like to ask all Cambodians to join in mourning and respect the souls of victims who died under the genocidal regime.”

“Our memory now is a reminder to all people to prevent the recurrence of past experience and keep the peace for the next generation,” Many added.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan told Khmer Times yesterday that every year on the National Day of Remembrance, Cambodians would get together and pray for the souls of all the victims who died under the Pol Pot Regime, but this year it cannot be done due to Covid-19. Khmer Times