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Workers to get gov’t subsidy

Thong Sotha​​   On June 23, 2021 - 1:17 pm​   In Cambodia Insider  
Workers to get gov’t subsidy Workers to get gov’t subsidy

The government has opened its first phase of providing a subsidy to 275,747 workers from 513 factories involved in the manufacturing of garments, footwear and bags in Phnom Penh, Kandal province and Sihanoukville.

Each of the workers will receive about $40 as per the social assistance programme.

Labour Minister Ith Samheng in making the announcement yesterday said these were workers who were not able to work due to the lockdown.

He said the ministry will notify all those eligible for the subsidy through the Wing Specialised Bank who will send a message about the payment or via phone by the ministry with the workers’ numbers provided by their respective employers.

He said workers who have been notified can go to the nearest Wing agent to get their money by producing their Cambodian identification card and phone number.

Samheng said workers who do not receive a message from the bank or a phone call from the ministry should communicate via telegram or call the phone number 1297.

The ministry will also inform the factories of the subsidy so that they can inform their workers.

A garment worker, Pi Sey said she is overjoyed with this good news.

“While I am so grateful to the government, I am also happy to receive the money. We really suffered during the lockdown as we had no work and we did not have money to make ends meet,” she added.

Another worker, Chan Savorn, said that with the money received she will buy food and medicine for her family.

“The money is very helpful for my family. During lockdown, we panicked. We had no income. It was very difficult for us with this Covid-19 pandemic,” she added.

On June 10, the Ministry of Social Affairs said that the government will spend more than $4 million to give as a cash subsidy to more than 60,000 families affected by the lockdown in Phnom Penh, Takhmao (Kandal province) and Sihanoukville.

The announcement came following Prime Minister Hun Sen’s proclamation on cash subsidies under the Social Assistance Programme for hardships caused by the lockdown.

Mr Hun Sen stated in the message that the government will start providing cash support to the following target people and families:

  • The people and their families experiencing livelihood difficulties under the implementation of lockdown in Phnom Penh, Takhmao and Sihanoukville.
  • Workers in factories or enterprises in the field of garments, shoes and bags under the implementation of lockdown in Phnom Penh, Takhmao and Sihanoukville.
  • People and families of people who have been infected with Covid-19 and have difficulty living and families of people who have died of Covid-19 related to the February 20 Community Event across the country.

Ministry of Social Affairs secretary of state Samheng Boros said recently that Cambodia’s reserve budget is able to support people, especially the poor and vulnerable, affected severely by the pandemic and also to revitalise the economy. He said this was made possible by the Kingdom working in partnership with relevant development partners.