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PPAP saw a recovery today

Thong Sotha​​   On January 15, 2021 - 5:33 pm​   In Investment  
PPAP saw a recovery today PPAP saw a recovery today

After seeing a continuous drop for three consecutive days, PPAP recovered 200 riels, landing back at 11,700 riels today. At the same time, PPSP ABC and PEPC continued their increasing trend to 1,350 riels, 16,800 riels, and 2,900 riels respectively, with a range of 20 riels to 90 riels. On the other hand, PWSA and PAS decreased by 20 riels and 200 riels to 6,180 riels and 13,800 riels. As for GTI, it stayed at 3,400 riels.

CSX Index continued to increase by 0.05% to 638.94 points. The total trading value of the day was 134.18M riels, covered primarily by three stocks, PPSP, ABC and PAS, at 35%, 32% and 25% respectively.