Covid-19 App Contest Launched

Thong Sotha​​   On March 24, 2020 - 10:47 am​   In Investment   0  
Covid-19 App Contest Launched Covid-19 App Contest Launched

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport launched a competition on Monday to encourage students and the public to create a mobile phone app that can be used to send and receive the latest information about Covid-19.

A notice signed by Minister Hang Chuon Naron said the competition, dubbed the “Khmer Education Covid-19 App”, has been launched as part of the ministry’s research, creativity and innovation funding.

“The main aim of the competition is to create the ‘Khmer Education Covid-19 App’ that can be installed in smartphones across iOS and Android platforms,” the notice said.

It said those who are interested in entering the competition would need to write a concept note detailing their unique ideas for the app. The ministry said the program is also open to the public.

Individuals and groups are welcome to enter regardless of their previous experience or skill-sets.

The ministry hopes that by inviting a wider range of people to participate in the competition, it can get a broader mix of ideas to aid in its creation.

The notice said the ministry will select the first and second-best individual or group entries, which will be rewarded up to 40 million riel ($9,812) and two million riel ($490) respectively, along with certificates of appreciation.

The ministry also outlined a series of functions required for successful entries.

It said the app would need to provide at least five information services such as general news on the virus, the history of Covid-19 epidemiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and prevention.

The ministry also requires that the app has the capability to be updated.

It said the app needed to be updatable in order to continue providing new information being disseminated by the government and specialist institutions regarding the disease.

The ministry also suggested that the app include the ability to monitor and track the disease’s movement and log users’ movements and travel history.

It said other features could include facial recognition, a messaging platform and a way to report suspected cases of Covid-19.

The ministry said candidates would need to include further resources with respect to these suggestions in order to boost innovation.

Applicants can apply in Khmer and English via by April 15.

Regarding Covid-19, ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha said “Please look at disseminating measures to promote personal hygiene at all levels.

“Please refer to the relevant sources of information regarding measures on how to prevent and stop the spread of Covid-19 issued by the ministries of Education, and Health, and the World Health Organisation,” he said.