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ASEAN Summit Postponed Amidst Coronavirus Fears

Thong Sotha​​   On March 1, 2020 - 3:23 pm​   In Politics  
ASEAN Summit Postponed Amidst Coronavirus Fears ASEAN Summit Postponed Amidst Coronavirus Fears

The planned ASEAN summit, due to be held in Los Angeles, USA, next month has been put on hold as fears of a worldwide epidemic of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 take hold, according to a senior US official.

“As the international community works together to defeat the novel coronavirus, the United States, in consultation with ASEAN partners, has made the difficult decision to postpone the ASEAN leaders meeting,” said the official who asked not to be named.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders – including Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen – had been due to attend the summit from March the 14th. Major regional issues were on the table to be discussed, with the main topic expected to be measured to halt the worldwide spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19, which has so far spread to 47 countries around the world and caused 2,835 deaths.

However, the speed at which the virus is spreading has prompted the postponement of the summit – especially as the USA yesterday confirmed two new cases of coronavirus who are believed to be people who had not traveled to affected countries or had come in close contact with anyone infected.