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The green scenery around Angkor Wat needs regular maintenance by APSARA National Authority

Thong Sotha​​   On February 21, 2022 - 1:05 pm​   In Cambodia Insider  

From 2020, APSARA National Authority replants the grass and sets up an automatic irrigation system to enhance the greenery around Angkor Wat.

Mr. Phoeun Sokhim, Deputy Director of Department of the Water Management of APSARA National Authority, said that the work of planting grass and irrigation work are done daily around Angkor Wat to make the grass field green in all seasons. He added that the irrigation work must be very careful, especially in the dry season to increase watering at least twice a day.

Mr. Bun Chhiv, a local tourist from Kampong Thom province who visited Angkor Wat, said that he is satisfied with the maintenance and irrigation of grass in the area of ​​Angkor Wat, this will increase the beauty of Angkor to another level. In particular, tourists feel refreshed and take beautiful pictures of this green landscape.

Article: Department of Communication
Photo: Mr. Yi Sotha