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Cambodian PM Shares Insight for Sustainable Development for Post COVID-19

Prathna​​   On June 1, 2021 - 9:16 am​   In Cambodia Insider  
Cambodian PM Shares Insight for Sustainable Development for Post COVID-19 Cambodian PM Shares Insight for Sustainable Development for Post COVID-19

Prime Minister Hun Sen of the Kingdom of Cambodia yesterday evening shared his insightful and practical recommendations at the 2nd virtual Seoul Summit of Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G) for resilient and sustainable development for the post COVID-19 crisis.

The following is the Cambodian Premier’s full recommendations:

“1st. Continuing to promote and support the principles of globalization through openness in international trades in order to enhance trade and economic growth, as well as adhering to multilateralism framework in addressing issues in all areas, especially related to climate change,

2nd. Strengthening and expanding regional and international cooperation in relation to sustainable development and promoting the mainstreaming of the concept of green development, particularly in agriculture, urbanisation, transportation infrastructure, circular economy, digital economy and renewable energy,

3rd. Promoting the development of sustainable finance by creating a favourable environment to mobilise additional resources to ensure the sustainability of actions related to climate change prevention through formulation and implementation of green financing mechanism, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mechanism, etc.,

4th. Introducing incentives and key reform measures to encourage start-ups to innovate green business models and to encourage the private sector to enhance their focus in green investments, including the investments with positive spillovers on society and economy, and commercial investments in areas such as in green technologies and renewable energy,

5th. Promoting the development of green infrastructure and addressing basic infrastructure gaps by emphasising the importance of promoting sustainable and responsible investments as well as enhancing the efficiency of utilisation and investments in all sectors through promoting and incentivising green industry development and the use of green technologies, and

6th. Enhancing the capacity for mitigation and adaptation to climate change through conserving natural resources, developing green parks and cities, and building stronger institutional capacity on research in responding to climate change as well as the needs in dealing the natural disasters.”