Food Trucks Sent to Supply ‘Red Zones’

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Food Trucks Sent to Supply ‘Red Zones’ Food Trucks Sent to Supply ‘Red Zones’

The Ministry of Commerce sent trucks of food to sell in Phnom Penh’s “Red Zones” yesterday, in Meanchey, Por Senchey and Tuol Kork districts.

The food trucks were sent to the three districts as residents are not allowed to leave their houses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ministry of Commerce undersecretary of state Pen Sovicheat said five trucks belonging to the ministry and some from the Phnom Penh City Hall will be stationed at seven locations in the “Red Zones” to sell food, with some items priced lower than at the markets.

Sovicheat said sales will be arranged in cooperation with the local authorities by stationing trucks in front of the barricades and receiving orders by phone and via the authorities. Motorcycle drivers will transport the ordered food to the door of the customer’s house.

“The goods that will be on sale at a lower price than the market price include: rice, noodles, water, canned fish, fish sauce and soy sauce, to facilitate people in Red Zones,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said: “The Ministry of Commerce must immediately coordinate the supply, transportation and distribution of food, including rice, noodles, canned fish, fish sauce, soy sauce, water and other essential groceries to sell to people living in the red zones by using telephone or online sales and home delivery.”

A “Red Zone” is an area with a high number of COVID-19 cases, according to a Phnom Penh City Hall announcement.

All individuals in a “Red Zone” are prohibited from leaving their home – even for sports activities.

Markets, grocery stores and businesses in the “Red Zones” shall be temporarily suspended, except for public services.

City Hall said no private companies or transportation services are allowed to sell goods in these zones and only the Ministry of Commerce has the permission to do so.

Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An yesterday donated food to families in Tuol Kork district and said patients with COVID-19 have no relatives to take care of them, and if they die, there can be no funerals like before. That is why we must all work together to stop COVID-19,” she said.

“During these 14 days, please be patient. After 14 days, if we can reduce the cases successfully, people will be able to go out and do business as usual again,” she said.

Tuol Kork district resident Sim Channa said that since the government’s initial lockdown, some markets began raising their prices.

“Everything in the market was expensive,” she said. “Some people were not able to buy food to store in the house. That is why people asked vendors not to raise their prices. ‘Khmer help Khmer’ in this difficult time,” she said.

She thanked the Ministry of Commerce for selling some goods at a lower price than the markets, while they are facing a food shortage in the “Red Zones”.